Quality. Craftsmanship. Passion.  These are the tenets of our business and the very things that define who we are.  In a world where "throw away" has become the norm, we exist to hold on to our past while making the exceptional.  Our products made in a time honored and thoughtful way.  This is not an easy process but one that we feel is owed to our heritage and history.  

Once upon a time, products were made and not just produced.  





Leather is a beautiful thing.  Functional, durable and as old as mans history.  It honors the animals that have provided it.  The processes by which it is transformed into usable articles, have spanned many millennia and much like those whom have worked & love it - each piece is unique.  Always changing and taking a patina that tells a story.   

I had the good fortune of growing up both the son (grandson and great grandson) of Union Pipefitters.  Hard-working men who'd instilled in me, the pride of a job well done & the sacrifices that must be made in seeing it so -and - as the son of a second generation leather-worker and business owner.  

I came of age in a shoe repair shop.  Learning the lessons of small business and taking care of customers, while honing my skills as a shoemaker and leather-worker.  For me, the techniques, machinery and tools used in the profession are as familiar and interesting as the medium with which I ply my trade.   

The goal of my company is to put forth into the world, a product that honors this beginning, while helping tell the story of others.  We're looking for like minded souls that have a passion for timeless things.